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Mon, 13 Aug 2018 17:47:40 +0000

Outside evidence for college admissions when homeschooling high schoolHomeschooling parents whose kids will likely seek admission to college usually realize their homeschool graduates will need parent-made homeschool transcripts. They will probably also need "outside evidence." That's because a homeschool transcript full of parent-graded courses and independent learning done at home may not by itself convince university admissions counselors of a teen's preparation for college-level work. Continue reading »

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Thu, 02 Aug 2018 20:29:57 +0000

Back to (Home)School PreparationsPreparing for a new school year is challenging, even for veteran homeschoolers. There are many things that you may want to do now during the summer, such as reviewing the past year, evaluating your curriculum needs, preparing a game plan, creating a budget, and developing a schedule. As you are aware, being a parent and teacher is tough enough, so to eliminate the extra work and stress, start planning ahead. Both you and your children will benefit from your forethought. Continue reading »

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Thu, 19 Jul 2018 15:11:26 +0000

Best Homeschool Convention Tips from Homeschool MomsWe recently asked moms on our Facebook page what some of the best tips are that have helped them avoid being overwhelmed at homeschool conventions. With hundreds of vendors and dozens of workshops, large conventions can quickly disarm the best intentions of even experienced homeschool moms. These ideas will help you stick to your budget, give new resources a chance, and get the best bargains at any homeschool convention. Continue reading »

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Pros and Cons of HomeschoolingThe yellow legal pad had a line down the middle: the pros and cons of homeschooling were written on opposite sides of the blue-inked vertical line. Not content with that, I flipped to the next page and drew another line down the middle: pros of public school to the left and cons of school to the right. Continue reading »

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Thu, 05 Jul 2018 17:00:08 +0000

The Power of Now in HomeschoolingWhat if you asked, "What does my child need right now?" and immediately began working on it, with little to no red tape? Welcome to Homeschooling's Power of Now. Homeschooling allows the choice to prioritize what your child needs today, whether that's refuge from bullies, time to make art, help for a learning difference, treatment for mental or physical illness, advanced learning opportunities, or more time to play outside. Continue reading »

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Can Somebody Homeschool My Child?You work. Or you cannot imagine yourself as a homeschool parent. Or your kids are demanding, and you don't mesh with them well. Or you have a child who has special needs you don't feel prepared to help with. Or you have a health problem that will make homeschooling challenging to impossible. Or really, you just don't want to homeschool. But your kids need to be out of school, and they need to be homeschooled. I hear your question: "Can somebody homeschool my kids?" Continue reading »

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Fri, 22 Jun 2018 21:44:13 +0000

Homeschool Art ActivitiesArtistic expression is a wonderful way to encourage creativity in your children. Children's imaginations are BIG, so inspiration can be as easy as supplying them with paper and pencil for sketching. Continue reading »

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Tue, 12 Jun 2018 13:24:18 +0000

Homeschooling: Am I doing enough?I have kept a secret from my husband. We have moved an average of every two years since we began homeschooling, and some homeschool materials have gotten, uh, misplaced from move to move. Including the squid. Which I had never told him about. Continue reading »

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Can a 20 year old earn a homeschool diploma?As a parent of a high school homeschooler, I was approached by a neighbor who asked if I knew what the age limit was to begin homeschool. Her 20-year-old son never finished school, sadly. It seemed almost impossible for him to get his GED, having been enrolled on and off since he was 16. Knowing the need for a diploma, she’s considering homeschool, believing with one-on-one teaching, he will obtain his diploma, and his future will much brighter. Unable to find information on the North Carolina Homeschool help website about age restrictions, I’m hoping you can help us. Continue reading »

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Keep Your Child's Brain Busy This Summer With These Fun ActivitiesThe last thing many children want over the summer is school work. It’s natural, they’ve just finished up a whole school year and feel tired. Keeping them busy learning falls on your shoulders -- but you’re certainly not alone. New and veteran homeschooling parents have been creating different ways to keep their children motivated for years. Continue reading »

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