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Pink coffee cup with green and white checked napkin on a table outside with a basket of flowers and green grass yard in the background with text Why I don't Do Homeschool Planning in the Spring TheHomeSchoolMomWhen I first started homeschooling, I was ALL about the planning. I would research EVERYTHING to nth degree. I almost broke our printer one summer printing out everything I could find about Charlotte Mason and Ambleside Online. I was pumped. We were going all in on Charlotte Mason—100 percent, friends. It was May and I was feeling awesome about everything. Fall came around, and can you guess what happened? Continue reading »

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Thought bubble with text "Ask Jeanne TheHomeSchoolMom" and separate square shape with text "Do I need teacher training to homeschool? If it isn't necessary, would it be beneficial anyway?"I am not a parent yet but intend on having children and homeschooling them in the future. I've done a lot of research but never really found an answer to my question. I know that in my state it is not necessary for the parent to have a teaching degree, but I'd like to know whether getting a teaching degree (there are some online as well) or even attending a few college courses surrounding how to teach children would benefit the parent homeschooling the children. I'm getting my pharmacy doctorate so a teaching degree would be extra time and money so I'd like your opinion on whether you think it would be worth it. Continue reading »

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Three women having coffee outside at a cafe with text: Homeschool Moms' Night OUt - Find one - Make one - Just get to oneGive yourself social time. Give yourself professional development. Give yourself empathetic colleagues. Give yourself Moms' Night Out!Find one. Make one. But get to one --  a Moms' Night Out! Homeschooling can be lonely, even when you're surrounded by children. Sometimes -- especially when you're surrounded by children. Spending occasional time laughing and talking with adults is refreshing and helps you remember who you are when you are away from the children. Continue reading »

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Group of 6 children and text "Homeschooling - because there is no such thing as an average child - Read More"When it comes to education, one size does not fit all. One of the benefits of homeschooling is parents' ability to shape education to fit each, not all. Kids come with a wide range of abilities—academically, developmentally, socially, temperamentally, artistically, physically, and emotionally. Expectations in schools are based on a "standard" student when there is no standard student. Kids mature at different rates, have unique interests, have their own home environments, and have their own genetic traits. Here's how homeschooling can make the most of that. Continue reading »

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My Top 5 Favorite Homeschooling Books You Should Read Too text with a stack of booksIt took some time and some actual homeschooling my real children to get our grove and to experience a homeschooling life that was uniquely US. I needed to make our own way—mistakes and all—and not feel pigeon-holed into a certain method or philosophy. Fast forward a few years and I now have nearly a decade under my belt (well, under my yoga pants band—do people wear belts?) and I’ve curated a stack of homeschooling-ish books that I am always recommending and also going back to for encouragement, ideas and connection. These are my top five. Continue reading »

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Tips for Feeding the Homeschool FamilyHave you discovered that feeding the kids is the homeschooling challenge nobody warned you about? For homeschooling to work, home has to work, including the food. Especially the food! We've put together some tips for keeping your sanity while feeding your homeschooled kids. Continue reading »

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The Homeschool Challenge No One Tells You AboutWhen I started homeschooling, I knew my big challenge was going to be helping my kids learn. Having them become academically prepared was my overriding goal. Choosing the right curriculum and the right educational philosophy were paramount. Imagine my surprise when it turned out they were pretty good learners once I refined our approach to homeschooling. My real challenge turned out to be the unexpected one. Continue reading »

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10 Tips for Adjusting to HomeschoolingHas your family recently made a decision to switch gears and begin homeschooling or use a new curriculum? Either way, embarking on a different educational path takes courage and faith, and it may take time to find your rhythm. Here are ten suggestions to ease the way. Continue reading »

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February Homeschooling: Don't Survive. Thrive!Dear February - Why do you sneak up on me and then drag out your days until eternity despite being the shortest month of the year? Why do you keep cramping my homeschooling style? Sorry, February, not this year. Nope. I’m taking February homeschooling by (snow?) storm and I’m going to encourage my friends to do the same. Can we be friends, February? Can we partner together to thrive and not just survive homeschooling in the longest shortest month of the year? Continue reading »

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Ask Jeanne: I don't know what to do to get my seven year old to do her school work without a meltdown every few minutes.My 7-yr old spends most of her homeschool time in tantrums wanting to short-cut her work. We have tried everything from punishment to taking away free-time activities. I am at my wit's end and I don't know what to do to get her to do her school work without a meltdown every few minutes. Do you have any advice that may help? Continue reading »

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