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Wed, 17 Oct 2018 13:29:46 +0000

Tips for Homeschooling an Anxious ChildJust attending school doesn't, by itself, help kids overcome abnormal anxiety because they are "sticking it out." Just homeschooling doesn't prevent, treat, or cure abnormal anxiety. These tips can help you move past just homeschooling to helping your anxious child cope with their anxiety. Continue reading »

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Homeschooling for School Anxiety / School RefusalCan you homeschool your child who refuses to go to school due to school anxiety? Should you? Kids in crisis who are too anxious to go to school are in a challenge called school resistance or school refusal. What if school refusers are telling us something through their refusal? What can we do to help? This post covers reasons we might homeschool a child with school anxiety along with concerns that might arise and tips to make the best of homeschooling in such a situation. Continue reading »

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Wed, 10 Oct 2018 17:32:20 +0000

7 Ways to Embrace Homeschooling Your Polar Opposite ChildMy three kids are very different from me. They are their own people. They have a mix of me and their dad and HUGE dollops of their own uniqueness. However, what happens when one of your kiddos is basically the South to your North? The Oil to your Water? The Day to your Night? As the kids got older, I noticed that I was struggling a bit more with one of my children. They would basically do the exact opposite of whatever I had planned for the day. Or question everything. This was really hard for a rules-following, go-by-the-book, authority respecting, uber-feeler to understand. Continue reading »

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Homeschool Socialization IdeasHomeschooling is a tough job that not only brings joy but also trying times. As the adage states, nothing worthwhile comes easy. Your enthusiasm will wane at times. And for those times when you have trouble motivating yourself during the school year, you can use socialization as a way to help boost everyone’s mood and enthusiasm. Continue reading »

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Famous Homeschooled PoliticiansMany people associate politicians and other influential people with prestigious private schools. In some cases that’s true. But many of the most powerful and significant figures in the United States didn’t attend private or public schools -- they were homeschooled. Continue reading »

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Homeschooling Middle School: Transitioning to Self-Directed LearningLast month, I innocently walked into Target. There is was. The Target Dollar Spot section. Filled to the brim with all kinds of back-to-school supplies, gadgets, posters, pens, pencils, books, and more. So much stuff for such great prices. My eyes lit up (which is not unusual for me when I walk in to Target—just being honest). I slowly meandered through the entire section—taking in all the primary colors. An ABC felt banner? Darling. Montessori-ish toys? Yes, please! Adorable flashcards with states and presidents! Get in my cart! A wooden clock and matching workbook? Adorable AND functional! Continue reading »

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What is accreditation? Does my homeschool need to be accredited?With the slow but steady growth of homeschooling across the United States comes a parallel growth in online, distance learning programs and schools. While many parents continue to provide independent, customized instruction to their children, others seek “enrolled homeschooling”—that which provides teacher-guided instruction, report cards/transcripts/credits, and other familiar elements of traditional education. Choosing a provider for this type of schooling naturally leads to an increase in questions about accreditation: what is it exactly, and how does it pertain to homeschooling? Continue reading »

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Outside evidence for college admissions when homeschooling high schoolHomeschooling parents whose kids will likely seek admission to college usually realize their homeschool graduates will need parent-made homeschool transcripts. They will probably also need "outside evidence." That's because a homeschool transcript full of parent-graded courses and independent learning done at home may not by itself convince university admissions counselors of a teen's preparation for college-level work. Continue reading »

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Back to (Home)School PreparationsPreparing for a new school year is challenging, even for veteran homeschoolers. There are many things that you may want to do now during the summer, such as reviewing the past year, evaluating your curriculum needs, preparing a game plan, creating a budget, and developing a schedule. As you are aware, being a parent and teacher is tough enough, so to eliminate the extra work and stress, start planning ahead. Both you and your children will benefit from your forethought. Continue reading »

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Best Homeschool Convention Tips from Homeschool MomsWe recently asked moms on our Facebook page what some of the best tips are that have helped them avoid being overwhelmed at homeschool conventions. With hundreds of vendors and dozens of workshops, large conventions can quickly disarm the best intentions of even experienced homeschool moms. These ideas will help you stick to your budget, give new resources a chance, and get the best bargains at any homeschool convention. Continue reading »

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