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Overhead view of an iphone with ear plugs and text Homeschooling & Parenting Podcasts I'm Loving Right Now TheHomeSchoolMom.comAre you a podcast junkie like me? If you're a busy homeschooling mom (and I know you are), podcasts are a perfect way to learn, laugh and, let's be honest, block out the 237 questions about food choices and screen time. I've curated a list of my current favorite homeschooling and parenting podcasts. These are my go-to podcasts for encouragement, ideas, and connection. Grab your earbuds and let's get listening! Continue reading »

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Smiling young woman with text 5 Steps for Balancing Homeschooling Working & Self-Care TheHomeSchoolMom.comEvery homeschool family is walking their own path. The beauty of homeschooling is that it allows us to look at all aspects of our lives in new and different ways. We have to get creative. We have to push boundaries, or perhaps, enforce them. Here are 5 ways to set yourself up for better balance. Continue reading »

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Groups of smiling teens and tweens with their arms out and raised with text My Three Key Insights About Homeschooling Middle SchoolWhen I decided to tackle a blog post about our 7th grade plans for my twins, I had to pause and catch my breath. How are they already in 7th grade? Why are they taller than me? Will they notice if we do Five In A Row again for old time’s sake? My oldest, a rising high schooler, made his way through middle school homeschool. Sometimes, his learning looked super structured, but often it looked more unschool-ish than I had anticipated. Here are my three key insights about homeschooling middle school . . . Continue reading »

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Three smiling children hugging each other and facing the camera with text Why my homeschooling kids need breaks from each other & how we do itIf your homeschooling clan is content to be with each other 24 hours a day with no breaks from each other, then feel free to skip to another blog post. I have nothing but love and high-fives for you because I think it’s amazing when families can do what works for them. If you’re feeling like maybe your homeschooling kids might need some built-in breaks from each other (and you), then read on while I share what’s working for us right now with three adolescents. Continue reading »

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Hand holding a white mug with a tea bag and two stacked journals with a pen on a table outside and text My Homeschool Journey: A ReflectionThe homeschooling bug bit me 10 years ago completely out of the blue. It was never our intention to homeschool our gaggle of kids. That said, I always wanted to be a mama and a teacher and a writer. So, here I am juggling all three roles and then some. It’s nothing like I imagined. Continue reading »

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laughing kids making faces while lying on the grass in summer clothes and sunglasses with text How we do homeschool summer breakHow are you prepping for summer? Do you take a FULL STOP 3-month break with a "See you in September" attitude? Are you year-round homeschoolers? Do you fall somewhere in between? Do you have everything planned for summer and your next school year? Do you fly by the seat of your super cute swimsuit? Guess what?  It’s all great! No matter how you “do” summer in your home and homeschool—it’s just perfect. Popsicles, pool days, and playing—sign me up! Summer for our family is a bit different this year. My kids are older now and this means a few things... Continue reading »

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Image of woman flexing biceps with text Embracing Your Strengths When homeschooling TheHomeSchoolMomDo you ever get hit in the face with your own weaknesses as a homeschool mom? Here’s my truth: I'm not a huge fan of holidays. If I'm being honest, I'm not great at creating mind-blowing celebrations, whether it be for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Pi Day or Halloween. So, when I woke up last Valentine's Day morning, I thought: Uh-oh. It's Valentine's day. And I've got nothing. Continue reading »

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Ask Jeanne (TheHomeSchoolMom) - Question: What started as a joyous process is turning out to be ugly and unhappy. I feel so lost as of now. What can I do?Dear Jeanne - I am stuck in a terrible situation and need some advice. I quit my job to follow my husband to another country. I put my daughter in a public school as my husband wanted, but then I started homeschooling because of poor school quality. While I feel comfortable teaching my daughter, and she has made some progress, I have ill health, and my daughter is still behind in school due to a vision problem. We have financial problems, so I'm teaching to earn money, and my husband is not supportive of homeschooling. It's all affecting my mental health . . . I feel so lost as of now. What started as a joyous process is turning out to be ugly and unhappy. Continue reading »

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Boy and girl 8-12 years old lying in grass on sunny day reading a book with text 10 Book Series That Got My Kids Reading Ages 8-12 TheHomeSchoolMom.comWhen my husband and I had children, books and reading were naturally part of our day and our routines.  When we started homeschooling, I would snuggle up on the couch with the kids or I would sit at the kitchen table and read while they snacked or worked on projects. Some days were easier than others and some books were enjoyed more than others. I polled my kids and we came up with our top 10 favorite book series.  Continue reading »

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Two teen girls reading and smiling with text How to Create a Teen Book Club TheHomeSchoolMom.comMy newly 13 year old son was insisting that he wanted different school projects that didn’t always include his younger siblings (11 year old twins). After discussing, we decided to start a teen book club that would appease my desire for him to branch out into other literary genres AND would give him a social opportunity with his friends. There would, of course, be lots of food too. Continue reading »

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